Kimaudio Recording Studio
480 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(646) 243-5940

We ask for a partial deposit against any studio recording time booking. The remaining balance is due at the beginning of your session. Please be aware that this deposit is non-refundable in the event that you decide to cancel your booking.

(when scheduling)

Remaining Balance


2 hrs
3 hrs
4 hrs
$10 off*
5 hrs
$20 off*
6 + up
$30+ off*
$390 +

please leave YOUR INFO/Phone # in the payment app note

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Studio Policies

You will be charged from the time the session was scheduled to begin, not the time you arrive.

A deposit is required to book the studio AND the balance is due at the beginning of the scheduled session time, even in the case that you running late..

A session may be rescheduled 'One time' at least 36 hours before the scheduled time. Rescheduling must be done via phone texting only (no e-mail please).

No food or beverages allowed near any recording equipment.

Behavior: Drugs or any illicit behavior is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises.

We reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone for any reason.

If the studio should suffer any failure due to forces of nature or otherwise we agree to reschedule studio time with you at an agreeable time for both parties. If the recording system should fail during your session you will receive equivalent free time to make up for this.

If you or anyone in your party breaks or damages anything, you agree to pay for it. This includes microphones, headphones, amps, guitars etc.

We are not legally or financially responsible for items brought into or left on the premises. This includes master tapes, hard drives, or any media left at Kimaudio Studio during sessions or before payment.

Kimaudio Recording Studio is not responsible for:

  • storing your data or audio tapes during the course of a recording project, nor after the project is completed
  • data left on premises, either the dissemination of said data or loss thereof
  • educating or instructing any client on the care and safety of digital data
  • unrecoverable data, whether it be on analog tape, hard drive, CD-R or DVD -R media

Kimaudio Recording Studio
480 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(646) 243-5940